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Note: This section of our website is no longer updated, however you may find news on current Greek stadia developments in the various discussion threads of our Forum.
December 2006
12/12: Panathinaikos FC unveil the final plans for their new stadium  Full report

July 2006
01/07: Panionios FC plan to build a new sports complex  Full report

March 2006
10/03: The final plans for the new stadium of Larissa FC  Full report

October 2005
25/10: Larissa FC present their second set of plans for a new stadium  Full report

August 2005
31/08: Memorandum signed for the new stadium of Panathinaikos  Full report

June 2005
20/06: WRC at the Olympic Stadium - cinema and concerts at Karaiskaki   Full report

May 2005
20/05: The Supreme Court blocks AEK's new stadium once again  Full report
18/05: Yet another plan for the construction of the new AEK stadium  Full report
17/05: Larissa FC unveil plans for the reconstruction of Alkazar Stadium  Full report
13/05: Reconstruction of Aegaleo Stadium officially announced  Full report

April 2005
19/04: The Olympic Stadium will host the 2007 Champions League final  Full report
04/04: UEFA accreditation for the Olympic Stadium and Karaiskaki  Full report

November 2004
20/11: Debate at PAOK FC over proposals for the new Toumba Stadium  Full report
16/11: Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos) Stadium no longer UEFA-approved  Full report
11/11: ASK Olympiakos Volos FC return to Volos Stadium  Full report

October 2004
27/10: The upgraded Alexandrio Arena reopens after more than a year  Full report

June 2004
07/06: Updates on the progress of Olympic venues with many photos  Full report

March 2004
07/03: Aris Basketball Club granted exclusive use of Alexandrio Arena  Full report

December 2003
17/12: Revised plans for AEK's new stadium get the Parliament's vote  Full report

November 2003
18/11: Works progressing at Nea Smyrni and Kallithea stadia  Full report

October 2003
24/10: Plans of new Panathinaikos stadium at Leoforos revealed  Full report

August 2003
21/08: Court decision stops works for the new stadium of AEK  Full report
09/08: Skoda Xanthi FC are building a new stadium  Full report
07/08: The truth about the new Karaiskaki Stadium  Full report
04/08: The truth about the new stadium of AEK  Full report

July 2003
28/07: FIFA announces the venues of the 2004 Olympic Football Finals  Full report

June 2003
19/06: Nea Smyrni Stadium upgraded as Panionios hit Europe  Full report
02/06: Nikos Goumas Stadium is now razed to the ground  Full report

May 2003
31/05: Demolition of historic Karaiskaki Stadium completed  Full report

March 2003
06/03: Karaiskaki Stadium to Olympiakos for 49 years, Parliament votes  Full report

February 2003
20/02: Proposal for total reconstruction of Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium  Full report

December 2002
10/12: FIFA say Karaiskaki is only suitable venue for Olympics  Full report

November 2002
16/11: Government intervention puts Karaiskaki case back on track  Full report
13/11: Olympiakos FC say they give up trying for Karaiskaki Stadium  Full report

October 2002
22/10: All the facts of the Nikos Goumas Stadium reconstruction  Full report
11/10: AEK Basketball Club move to Zofria and Lamia  Full report

September 2002
22/09: Cabinet meeting over new stadia of the Athens "big 3"  Full report
15/09: Aegaleo FC return to their home stadium after three years  Full report

August 2002
22/08: Nikos Goumas Stadium will be completely reconstructed  Full report

July 2002
22/07: Many A1 Division basketball clubs move to different arenas  Full report

June 2002
27/06: Nea Efkarpia Stadium will be the temporary home of Iraklis  Full report
23/06: Kalamata will probably move from their current home  Full report
18/06: Olympiakos choose Rizoupoli also for the Champions League  Full report
08/06: Two new arenas under construction in Heraklion  Full report
03/06: Works at Alkazar Stadium of Larissa  Full report
01/06: Rizoupoli Stadium will be the temporary home of Olympiakos  Full report

May 2002
06/05: Works at the Tavros and Kallithea stadia  Full report

April 2002
06/04: The Olympic Training Venues for 2004 are officially announced  Full report

February 2002
24/02: Olympiakos return home in football and basketball  Full report
13/02: The new homes of the Greek National Team  Full report

January 2002
23/01: Karaiskaki Stadium will host the football final in 2004 Olympics  Full report
14/01: Stadia for Euro 2008 officially announced  Full report
08/01: PAOK boss wants to build a new stadium  Full report

November 2001
18/11: Bid for Euro 2008 - Olympic Stadium to host the final  Full report

October 2001
31/10: Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos) Stadium may be expanded  Full report
13/10: Olympiakos Basketball Club move to Glyfada Arena  Full report
03/10: Aegaleo FC will use Korydallos Stadium as home  Full report
02/10: Olympiakos look set to return once again to Karaiskaki  Full report

September 2001
08/09: Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos) Stadium approved by UEFA  Full report
01/09: Panathinaikos will build their new stadium at Hellinikon  Full report

August 2001
31/08: Olympiakos abandon Karaiskaki and will build new stadium  Full report
12/08: New site proposed for Panathinaikos' new stadium  Full report

July 2001
19/07: Works at the Nea Smyrni Stadium  Full report
07/07: Panathinaikos FC demand an area to build their new stadium  Full report
03/07: Works at the Apostolos Nikolaidis (Leoforos) Stadium  Full report
02/07: UEFA report on the suitability of many greek stadia  Full report
01/07: Panahaiki Stadium probable home for Olympiakos next season  Full report
01/07: Works at the Akratitos Stadium  Full report
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