"Nikos Goumas" Stadium
Capacity: 24,729 (all seated)
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"Nikos Goumas" Stadium is located in Nea Philadelphia (7 km north of the Athens city centre and 27 km from the Athens International Airport). Access by:

Car - exit central Athens through Acharnon St and then its extension, Dekelias. Pass through the main square of Nea Philadelphia and after 400m you'll get to a set of traffic lights. Turn right into Fokon St and you'll be in front of the stadium.
Bus - you may use #B8 (from Stournari St, near the Archaelogical Museum), #A9 or #B9 (from Halkokondyli St). They all stop on Dekelias St, close to "Nikos Goumas". Allow at least 30'.
Metro - use line 1 and get off at "Perissos". The ride from the city centre takes about 15'.
Built in: 1930
Record attendance: 36,766 (AEK Athens vs Panathinaikos FC - in 1981)
Home of: -
More data: "Nikos Goumas" Stadium is named after an old president of the club. He contributed to the building and later to the upgrading of the ground. It was previously known as "Nea Philadelphia Stadium" or simply "AEK Stadium".

Until 1979 it had a horseshoe-like shape. It was then that the double-tiered south stand was built, making it the largest stadium in Athens at the time
This stand, and particularly its lower tier known as "Skepasti" (meaning "roofed"), is the home of the AEK ultras (called "Originals"). The capacity of the stadium was over 35,000 from the construction of this new stand in 1979, until the installation of seats on all stands in 1998.

Note that AEK moved to the Olympic Stadium due to works from 1985 to 1987.
Click here to see a historic photo of "Skepasti" under construction, but packed with fans in a local derby (1978).
The major turning point in the history of "Nikos Goumas" was the devastating earthquake that hit Athens in September 1999. The stadium was badly damaged and AEK were forced first to abandon it and then to use only part of it for almost a year. Repairs were made, but its was clear that the end was closing fast for the historic stadium.

AEK expressed their will to tear it down and build a completely new stadium. The club presented the plans for a new multi-sports and commercial complex (see right), but funding was a problem.

Two years passed, and just when the project seemed ready to go ahead, a new problem came up: city authorities of Nea Philadelphia opposed it, because it would "harm the environment".
"Nikos Goumas" was finally demolished in mid-2003 and works for the construction of the new stadium were supposed to follow. Check out the News section for full reports about all the developments regarding the new stadium of AEK.
"Nikos Goumas" Stadium is owned by the AEK Athens amateur club.
Photographs 3,4 and 6 come from the official website of AEK Athens.
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"Nikos Goumas" Stadium of AEK Athens
View of the East and South ("Skepasti") stands
"Nikos Goumas" Stadium hosting an AEK Athens match (view from Gate 19)
The "Skepasti" stand
The plan of the new AEK stadium (on the south side lies a proposed commercial complex)
Aerial photo of "Nikos Goumas" Stadium
The double-headed eagle, emblem of AEK, on the North curve.