Athens Olympic Stadium
"Spyros Louis"
What follows is a presentation of the fully upgraded Athens Olympic Stadium.
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Capacity: 68,079 (all seated)
Location: The stadium is located in Maroussi, a northern suburb of Athens (9 km from the city centre, 22 km from the airport). It is part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (AOSC, better known from its Greek initials as OAKA).

Access by:
Car - Exit the city centre to the north via Kifissias Avenue and just follow the roadsigns to "OAKA". If you come from the Attiki Odos ring road, use exit 11 ("Kifissias - Ol. Stadium").
Stadium fact sheet
Bus - Use X14 from Syntagma Square in central Athens. It will take you directly to the Olympic Stadium. Allow at least 30', although this can vary a lot.

- It is a 25' ride from the city centre ("Omonia"). Use line 1 and get off at "Irini". From there it is a 10' walk through the Olympic Complex to the stadium.
Built in: 1982 - from 2002 until 2004 it was extensively upgraded for the Olympic Games
Record attendance: 75,263 (Olympiacos CFP vs Hamburger SV - on 3/11/1983)
Home of: AEK Athens FC (Football League)
More data: The Athens Olympic Stadium (in Greek: Olympiako Stadio Athinas or simply OAKA) is officially named after Spyros Louis. He was the first winner of the Marathon at the inaugural Olympic Games of the modern era (Athens, 1896). If you want to read historic data about the stadium, have a look at the relevant page.
Here, in contrast, we focus on the new look of the stadium and the whole Olympic Complex (click on the photo below for an enlarged image). This transformation was the result of the implementation of the architectural study by Santiago Calatrava. First of all... some numbers!
The two giant arcs have a total span of 304m and a maximum height of 72m... the roof has a total weight of 19,000 tons... 5,000 polycarbonate panels were used for the roof, which covers an area of 25,000 sq m... the west arc was assembled 72m from its final position and the east 65m - both later slid into place... the roof is designed to withstand winds up to 120 km/h
Thirty-four entrance gates provide access to the stands. Odd gate numbers (1 to 35) lead to the lower and even numbers (2 to 34) to the upper tier. There are no gates numbered 18 and 36, since the two video-scoreboards are located in their place. Additionally, the stadium features 16 VIP boxes. If you want to get inside the Olympic Stadium, click on the next icon!
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The stadium is not the only thing to be marvelled at the Olympic Complex. The Velodrome is equally impressive with its stunning roof (145m long, 106m wide, 45m tall). And, of course, there is the Agora: the arcade, the lakes, the moving Wall of Nations are all magnificent.

Find below various photographs of the Agora that were all shot during the 2004 Olympic Games. You may see any of them in full size simply by clicking on it.
The three photos that follow were shot during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. A magic night, both for those that witnessed it live in the stadium and the global TV audience.
It should finally be noted that the Athens Olympic Stadium hosted the Super Special Stage of the 2005 Acropolis Rally. It was the first time in history that a WRC Super Special Stage was carried out inside a stadium. The event's success was extraordinary, as you may see below.
The Athens Olympic Stadium "Spyros Louis" is owned by the Greek State.
The first aerial photo comes from the official website of the Athens2004 Organizing Committee
The second space image of the Olympic Complex comes from the website of Digitalglobe
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The upgraded Athens Olympic Stadium (August 2004)          "ATHENS 2004"/K.VERGAS
Athens Olympic Sports Complex - Click to enlarge!     
The Olympic Stadium (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Olympic Stadium from the south (August 2004)
The Olympic Stadium from the west (August 2004)
AOSC - from left to right: the velodrome, the swimming centre, the sports hall, the tennis centre and the Olympic Stadium (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The stadium's interior and its impressive new roof (February 2006) - Click to enlarge!
The arcade seen from the AOSC west entrance (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
Inside the Agora arcade (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The arcade and the lakes of the Agora (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The arcade and the lakes of the Agora (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Wall of Nations (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Olympic Stadium seen from the Agora (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The burning Olympic Circles during the Opening Ceremony (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
The Olympic Flame (August 2004) - Click to enlarge!
Sebastien Loeb against Petter Solberg in the Olympic Stadium - Click to enlarge!
The stadium during the 2005 Acropolis Rally Super Special Stage (June 2005) - Click to enlarge!
The Olympic Stadium from the east (September 2005)