Alkazar Stadium
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Capacity: 13,108 (seated)
The stadium is located in the city of Larissa, in central Greece. Larissa, which does not have an airport (you may get there by train), is 150 km south of Thessaloniki and 350 km north of Athens. The stadium is in the north part of the city, on the road leading to Kozani. It is situated next to Alkazar park and the river Penios, which flows through the city. Getting there is very simple, either by car (Kozanis Street) or on foot, since it is only a 10min walk from the central square of Larissa.
Stadium fact sheet
Built in: 1965 (Latest redevelopment in 2005)
Record attendance: 18,500 (A.E.Larissa vs Panathinaikos FC - on 27/12/1987)
Home of: A.E.Larissa FC (Football League), Tyrnavos FC (Football League)
More data: The "correct" spelling should be Alcazar, which derives from the Moorish word that means "castle". This is because the stadium is built near a medieval fortress. Alkazar was upgraded in 2005 (older photos: 1 2 3). It is now an all-seater (previous capacity: 14,360), with new roof, lights etc. If you want to get inside Alkazar Stadium, click on the next icon ->
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Despite these works, Alkazar Stadium was too small for the needs of its very popular tenants. The club initially announced plans to rebuilt their historic home, but later these were dropped. Instead, A.E.Larissa opted to construct an entirely new stadium in the suburb of Neapolis. The last match of A.E.Larissa at Alkazar Stadium prior to their move to the new AEL FC Arena took place on 21/11/2010. However, following the club's relegation to the C Division in 2013, they returned to Alkazar due to financial problems.
The Larissa National Sports Centre, of which Alkazar Stadium forms part, is owned by the Greek State and its operation is supervised by the General Secretariat of Sports.
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Alkazar Stadium from the south curve - Click to enlarge!
The new roof that covers the west stand - Click to enlarge!
Alkazar Stadium of Larissa - Click to enlarge!