AEL FC Arena
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Capacity: 16,118 (seated)
The stadium is located in the city of Larissa, in central Greece. Larissa, which does not have an airport (you may get there by train), is 150 km south of Thessaloniki and 350 km north of Athens. The stadium is in the southern part of Larissa, in a district called Neapolis. To get there from the city centre, follow roadsigns to "Karditsa". The road leading to this nearby town passes by the stadium. On the other hand, if you are driving into Larissa from the motorway, use exit "Larissa 1" (northbound) or "Larissa 4" (southbound) and then follow roadsigns to "Karditsa, Trikala". You will be driving along Larissa South Peripheral Road and you will see the stadium on your left, 8 km after leaving the motorway.
Stadium fact sheet
Built in: 2010
Record attendance: 9,829 (A.E.Larissa FC vs PAOK FC - on 4/12/2010)
Home of: A.E.Larissa FC have temporarily returned to Alkazar Stadium since 2013
More data: AEL FC Arena replaced the historic Alkazar Stadium as the home of A.E.Larissa FC. Its construction was first proposed in 2005, with original plans calling for an impressive arena, fully covered with a retractable roof. Final plans, unveiled in 2006, were very different though, presenting an "english-type" football ground with four separate stands and open corners.

All construction studies were completed in 2007. Following a year of delays, mostly having to do with the ownership transfer of the land plot from the Municipality of Larissa to the Greek State, the consession contracts between the State and the club were signed in late 2008. Works on the site commenced in September 2009 and lasted 15 months. The stadium was ready in November 2010, at a total cost of € 42,000,000.
There are 23 entrance gates leading to the 4 stands, which are all covered by roof. Behind the west stand is the VIP building. It hosts a restaurant, the club offices and the 38 VIP boxes, which provide access to the specially designated VIP tier. The stadium also features two video-scoreboards.
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The masterplan for the new stadium placed it in the centre of a leisure complex, next to the existing Larissa Neapolis Arena. The complex would include commercial areas of 16,000 sq m, an open-air theatre, 2 cinemas, 12 tennis courts, and a sports hostel. To this day, however, the only things that have been constructed apart from the football stadium are the tennis courts, along with the planned open-air car park, which has space for 1,104 vehicles.
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The south stand, which houses AEL ultras
The crest of AEL in the south-east corner
The tier that is accessible only to VIPs
The football pitch, as seen from one of the VIP boxes
The interior of one of the VIP boxes
Open-air seating for restaurant patrons during off-season
Vissini Store sells official club merchandise
The stadium seen from Larissa South Peripheral Road
The whole land plot where AEL FC Arena stands is owned by the Greek State. The use of the stadium was granted for 49 years (starting 2009) to A.E.Larissa amateur club.
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AEL FC Arena (the east stand on the left and the south stand on the right) - Click to enlarge!
External view of AEL FC Arena from the south-west - Click to enlarge!
AEL FC Arena (the west stand on the left and the north stand on the right) - Click to enlarge!
The west stand with the VIP section - Click to enlarge!
AEL FC Arena (view to the north) - Click to enlarge!
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The east stand as seen from the VIP seats - Click to enlarge!