Larissa Neapolis Arena
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Capacity: 3,958
The arena is located in Larissa. The city, which does not have an airport (you may get there by train), is 150 km south of Thessaloniki and 350 km north of Athens. The arena is in the southern part of Larissa, in a district called Neapolis.

To get there from the city centre, follow roadsigns to "Karditsa". The road leading to this nearby town passes by the arena. If you are driving into Larissa from the motorway, use exit "Larissa 1" (northbound) or "Larissa 4" (southbound) and then follow roadsigns to "Karditsa, Trikala". You will be driving along Larissa South Peripheral Road and you will see the arena on your left after a few km.
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Built in: 1995
Home of: G.S. Olympia Larissa B.C. (A1 Division)
More data: Larissa Neapolis Arena is one of the three almost identical arenas that were built in Greece in the mid-'90s (Peristeri and Tofalos are the other two). It should be noted that its capacity may be increased to about 5,500 through the addition of an extra lower tier of seats.

The arena has hosted the following basketball events: 1995 Junior's World Championships (group stage), 1997 Women's Euroleague Final-four, 2003 Greek Cup Final-four.
The Larissa National Sports Centre, part of which is Neapolis Arena, is owned by the Greek State and its operation is supervised by the General Secretariat of Sports.
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Larissa Neapolis Arena (external view) - Click to enlarge!
Larissa Neapolis Arena (internal view) - Click to enlarge!
Larissa Neapolis Arena (internal view) - Click to enlarge!