Patras Arena
"Dimitris Tofalos"
Capacity: 4,150
Location: The arena is located in the city of Patras, in western Greece, 220 km from Athens. You can use the train to get there. Patras has an airport, but it is only used by charter flights. The arena itself lies 100m off the Patras-Athens motorway, near the university and the hospital of Patras. Access by car (exit Patras via the old national road to Athens and you'll pass by the arena) or bus (all buses to Rio, University and Hospital stop at "Dimitris Tofalos").
Built in: 1995
Home of: Olympias Patras B.C. (1 Division)
More data: The arena is named after Dimitris Tofalos, a great wrestling champion of the early 20th century, who was born in Patras. It is also known as "EAK Patras" (the initials for "National Athletic Centre" in Greek). It is one of the three almost identical arenas built in the mid-1990s (Peristeri and Larissa Neapolis are the other two). It was constructed by ATTI-KAT S.A.
The arena has been the venue for the following major sports events: Basketball (1995 Junior's World Championships - preliminaries, 1996 Greek Cup Final-4, 1997 and 2001 Greek All-Star Games, 2003 Women's European Championships), Volleyball (1995 European Championships - preliminaries, 1996 Olympic qualification tournament, many World League games), Rhythmic Gymnastics (1997 European Championships), Wrestling (2001 World Championships).
Patras Dimitris Tofalos Arena is owned by the General Secretariat of Sports.
All photos (except for the first) come from the website of the General Secretariat of Sports.
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The main entrance of Patras Arena - Click to enlarge!
Aerial photo of Patras Dimitris Tofalos Arena
The arena during the Rhythmics Championships
The 1997 All-Star Game in Patras
The arena during the Rhythmics Championships