Pancretan Stadium
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Capacity: 25,780 (seated)
Stadium fact sheet
The stadium is located in Heraklion (also: Iraklio), on the island of Crete. Heraklion has an international airport, but you may also get there by boat from Piraeus. The stadium is located in Lido, 3 km west of the city centre. To get there, start off the Hanioporta (i.e. Gate of Hania) at the Venetian walls. Follow 62 Martyron Avenue that leads to Hania. As you exit the city you will come to an overpass, where there are roadsigns pointing right towards the sea and the Pancretan Stadium.
Built in: 2004
Record attendance: 27,950 (Ergotelis FC vs Olympiacos CFP - on 20/2/2005)
Home of: Ergotelis FC (Superleague)
More data: The city of Heraklion is the capital of the island of Crete (in Greek: Kriti). Hence the stadium's name in Greek is Pankritio Stadio, meaning "stadium of the whole Crete". The building of the Pancretan Stadium is a very old story, as its construction began in the 1980s. The 2004 Olympic Games proved to be the golden opportunity for the Pancretan, as the Athens Organising Committee named it as one of the venues of the football tournament.
As a result, works recommenced in late 2001 and were concluded in 2004. The architectural study was conducted by "Vassilis Floudas and associates", while the stadium's construction was carried out by a joint venture led by J&P-Avax S.A. at a cost of about € 50 million. The Pancretan Stadium was inaugurated on 31 March 2004, when it hosted an international friendly match between the National Teams of Greece and Switzerland. All photos on this page were shot on 4 July 2004, during the IAAF Super Grand Prix Tsiklitiria.
The stadium is actually part of a sports complex. A training ground with an 8-lane athletics track, Lido Indoor Hall, and a swimming pool are located right next to the Pancretan Stadium. The sports complex is served by approximately 700 parking spaces.

It is pretty clear that the stadium's design does not claim any prizes for its originality. It has been characterised as "old-fashioned" or just plain "boring". One should not forget, however, that it is based on plans of the 1980s. What is more, even this outcome is a leap forward for Cretan football, if one considers what kind of sports venues existed on the island until 2004.

It is owned by the Public Properties Company and operated by the Municipality of Heraklion.
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The Pancretan Stadium (south curve) - Click to enlarge!
The stadium from the south - Click to enlarge!
The Pancretan Stadium (north curve) - Click to enlarge!
One of the stadium's 20 entrance gates - Click to enlarge!
The beach behind the stadium's north curve - Click to enlarge!
Panoramic view of the Pancretan from the south curve - Click to enlarge!