Lido Indoor Hall
Capacity: 1,400
Location: This hall is located in Heraklion (also: Iraklio) on the island of Crete. Heraklion has an international airport, but you may also get there by boat from Piraeus. The hall itself is located in the Lido district. To get there, exit the city centre to the west through the coastal Venizelos Avenue. Just as you reach the Pancretan Stadium, you must turn right towards the main entrance of the stadium and Lido Indoor Hall, which is located right next to it.
Built in: 1986
Home of: Ergotelis B.C. (C Division)
More data: Lido Indoor Hall is part of the Heraklion National Sports Centre. Its current layout dates back to 1995, when it was somewhat upgraded (new stands were constructed, etc), as then tenants Iraklio B.C. had just been promored to the A1 Division. Even with these works however, Lido remained a very small and aged hall, a "disgrace" for Heraklion, as it was the sole indoor sports hall in the city. Thankfully this has now changed, first with the construction of the TEI Indoor Hall in 2004 and then with the inauguration of the Heraklion Arena in 2007.

Although it might seem odd for the reasons noted above, Lido hosted the Greek Basketball Cup Final in 2005.

Lido Indoor Hall is owned by the General Secretariat of Sports.
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