Nea Efkarpia Stadium
Capacity: 8,100 (all seated)
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The stadium is located in Nea Efkarpia, a district of Polihni, which is a northern suburb of Thessaloniki (the city has an international airport). Access by car is easy, as it lies right next to the ring road. Coming from the west (e.g. from Athens), go on until you pass below the bridge of the motorway towards Kavala, Serres etc. At the next traffic lights you'll see a "Champion" supermarket. Turn right and immediately left, behind the
supermarket. You'll get to the stadium after 300m. If you are approaching from the east via the ring road (e.g. from the airport), there are no signs to help you find the above mentioned intersection and turn (left) at the traffic lights. It is the next one after "Papageorgiou" hospital. In any case, the stadium's floodlights are visible from the ring road and will help you find your way to it.

Access by city-bus is not a problem. Use #38 from the New Railway Station in downtown Thessaloniki and get off near the supermarket mentioned above.
Built in: 1967
Record attendance: 9,422 (Makedonikos FC vs Olympiacos CFP - on 5/6/1983)
Home of: Makedonikos FC (C Division)
More data: The ground's proper name is Makedonikos Stadium, as it is home to the namesake club that once participated in top divisions. They now languish in lower amateur leagues and at some time didn't even play at this stadium, which slowly came to an abandoned state. This was until 2002, when Iraklis FC decided to use it for the next two seasons, as Kaftanzoglio Stadium was under reconstruction for the 2004 Olympics. Nea Efkarpia Stadium had to be brought up to 1st Division standards. Seats and floodlights were installed, a roof was constructed over the west stand and new press booths over the east. Some other minor works were also carried out (e.g. entrance gates, railings etc).
Despite this facelift, the stadium's state is still that of a "3rd-world" ground. In order for you to really understand the inadequacy and poor nature of the works carried out at Nea Efkarpia, the following fact says it all: the plastic seats that were installed were not new, but simply some of the old seats of Kaftanzoglio! Their colour has faded and some of them are even broken. On top of that, the state of the leather VIP seats used is very bad, as they come from two different sources: half are from Kaftanzoglio and half from the Olympic Stadium (which was also reconstructed)! All the facilities below the stands are of similar very poor state, while access to entrance gates for the fans is a matter that never bothered those in charge of the works! The stadium even lacks parking spaces for the VIPs and press, let alone simple fans!
The stadium is owned by APS Makedonikos amateur club.
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The main (west) and the north stand of Nea Efkarpia Stadium
The east (right) and the north (in the background) stands of the stadium
The south stand, where away fans sit
View of Nea Efkarpia Stadium from the southwest corner of the stands