Kallithea Stadium
"Gregoris Lambrakis"
Capacity: 4,250 (all seated)
The stadium is located in Kallithea, a district 2 km south of the Athens city centre. To get there by car, start off from the Temple of Olympian Zeus using Kallirrois Street. Go on until you pass by the "Syngrou-Fix" Metro station, where you will see the roadsigns to "Kallithea". Follow them and pass under Syngrou Avenue. Stay on the right and you will get on the flyover that brings you into Thisseos, the main street of Kallithea.
When you willl have driven for about 1 km after the Syngrou underpass, you will reach the first traffic lights at the point where the Thisseos flyover ends. Turn left into Lambraki Street and you will reach the stadium after 400m.

Access to the stadium is very easy using public transport. You may use the Metro (line 2) and get off at "Syngrou-Fix" station. From there you must board bus #910 that will drop you off right outside the stadium (stop name is "1st Dimotikou Stadiou"). An alternative to all that when you are in the Athens city centre (e.g. Syntagma Square) is to use trolley-bus #1 or #5. Get off at "Dimotiko Stadio" stop, which is on Thisseos, near the traffic lights mentioned earlier. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the stadium.
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Built in: 1970
Record attendance: 5,729 (Kallithea FC vs Panathinaikos FC - in 1984)
Home of: Kallithea FC currently play at Nea Smyrni Stadium (due to works)
More data: Kallithea Stadium bears the name of Gregoris Lambrakis, a very popular statesman who was murdered in the 1960s. The stadium is, however, known to most people as "El Paso". The photos are telling as to the reason. The site of the stadium used to be an old quarry. When it was being built in the late 1960s, Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns were the number 1 hit in Greek cinemas. The 1965 film "For a few dollars more" had the Greek title "Duel in El Paso". If you think of what the film was like and consider the cliff backdrop of the stadium, you will understand how the nickname came to be.
The stadium has one big south stand and one smaller on its north corner (usually allocated to away fans). The big stand was partly rebuilt some years ago, as it had been damaged by an earthquake. It must be noted that the whole stadium has changed to the better since the home club's promotion to the 1st Division in 2002. The stadium became an all-seater, with new lights and a brand new roof which was constructed over part of the main stand.

A new east curved stand was supposed to also be part of those works, but plans had to be drawn again from scratch because of technical problems. Its construction is now scheduled to be finished by winter 2006, adding about 2,500 seats to the stadium's capacity (see the News section for a report). Finally, note that Kallithea Stadium has been chosen as the official training venue for referees of the football tournament during the 2004 Olympic Games.
The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Kallithea.
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General view of Kallithea Municipal Stadium
The stadium's main stand
The small stand, usually allocated to away fans
The main stand with its new roof