Hania Kladissos Indoor Hall
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Capacity: 2,346
Location: The hall is located in Hania (also spelled: Chania), a city on the west part of the island of Crete. Hania has an international airport, but you may also get there by boat from Piraeus. The hall itself is located near the sea, 2 km west of the city centre. In particular, it is built next to the Nea Chora district, by the river Kladissos, hence its name. It should not be confused with the much older Hania Indoor Hall that is located next to the Hania Stadium.
Built in: 2005
Home of: Kydon Hania (Local amateur league)
More data: The construction of a new indoor hall at Kladissos was first announced in 1995. Actual works commenced 7 years later, by Akter S.A. The total cost of the new Hania Kladissos Indoor Hall was € 4.4 million. It was inaugurated in May 2005.
Two smaller movable stands (not shown in the photos above) have been installed next to the court, below the existing stands, adding about 500 seats to the hall's capacity and bringing it up to 2,346. The hall regularly hosts basketball, as well as volleyball and handball games.

Hania Kladissos Indoor Hall is owned by the Municipality of Hania.
Many thanks to Haniotika Nea newspaper for the kind offer of the two indoor photos
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