Hania Stadium
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Capacity: 1,300 (seated)
The stadium is located in Hania (also spelled: Chania), a city on the west part of the island of Crete. Hania has an international airport, but you may also get there by boat from Piraeus. The stadium itself is located near the centre of Hania, off the south-east corner of the venetian walls that surround the old town. It is only a 5 minute walk from the central 1866 Square to the stadium. You can't miss it, as the huge pillars of its floodlights are visible from almost everywhere.
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Built in: 1936
Record attendance: 3,850 (OFI FC vs Olympiacos CFP - on 2/2/1997)
Home of: Hania FC (Football League) - The club also occasionally play at Perivolia Stadium
More data: The National Stadium is part of the Hania National Sports Centre (Hania EAK are its Greek initials). It was built with money donated by Elena Venizelou, the wife of Eleftherios Venizelos, who was born in Hania (he was 5 times prime minister and the most prominent Greek politician and statesman of the 20th century). Hania National Stadium is host to the annual Venizelia International Athletics Meeting.
An upgrading of the stadium, involving the construction of a new covered 5,000-seater stand, was decided in 2001, at an estimated cost of 880.000. Works never actually commenced, due to opposition from the local community, while at the same time it was discovered that the stadium lies on top of an ancient cemetery. If findings of the archaelogical dig are not deemed to be of significance, the city council has plans to construct a much-needed underground car park below the north part of the stadium. Finally, please note that since 2010 plastic seats have been installed on the west stand (photos on this page were shot at a previous time).

Hania National Stadium is owned by the General Secretariat of Sports.
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Hania National Stadium from the north - Click to enlarge!
Aerial photograph of Hania - the stadium and the old town      ADAM EDITIONS
The west stand of the stadium - Click to enlarge!
The stadium's "trademark" floodlights - Click to enlarge!
The stadium with Lefka Ori ("White Mountains") in the background - Click to enlarge!