Alexandrio Arena
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Capacity: 4,800
Location: The arena is located in Thessaloniki, 500 km north of Athens. Thessaloniki has an international airport, but you may also get there by train. Alexandrio is situated in the heart of the city, on the grounds of the International Trade Fair. To find the arena, just walk along Egnatia Street, which runs between the university campus and the Fair and you will easily spot it. Getting there by bus is also very simple, as almost every city bus stops somewhere near the Fair and Alexandrio Arena.
Built in: 1966 (Latest redevelopment in 2004)
Home of: Aris B.C. (A1 Division), Maccabi Thessaloniki B.C. (C Division)
More data: The arena is named after Alexander the Great, ancient king of Macedonia. It is also commonly referred to as "Palais des Sports" (Sports Palace, in French). Its shape is circular, but its stands are horseshoe-like. The reason for this is a small auxiliary basketball court behind one of the baskets. Alexandrio was the first big indoor hall built in Greece, and remained the biggest until 1985, when the Peace and Friendship Stadium was constructed.
Being part of the International Trade Fair, it has served many - other than sports - purposes. It has also hosted many international basketball events. It was the common home of Aris B.C. and PAOK B.C. for many years. The games between the two in Alexandrio were always something special. However, in 2000 PAOK moved to their new arena. At the same time, the state of Alexandrio had made it evident that the ageing arena was in urgent need of something more than a simple facelift. This was decided in early 2003 and works began a few months later.
They involved reconstruction of all the building's external and internal areas. Apart from what is directly visible to everybody, other works included new electromechanichal, air-conditioning and audiovisual facilities. New seats, CCTV and new lighting were also installed.

Nevertheless, all these works resulted in lower capacity (4,800 compared to 5,576) for Alexandrio Arena, which reopened its gates in late 2004. Finally, it should be noted that Aris have been granted exclusive use of the arena until 2024, following a decision by the State.

Alexandrio Arena is owned by the General Secretariat of Sports.
All internal photographs of Alexandrio Arena are the kind offer of Vangelis Pavlopoulos
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