PAOK Sports Arena
Capacity: 8,142
Location: PAOK Arena is located south of the city of Thessaloniki, 8 km from the centre, in a suburb called Pylea. Access by car: exit the city towards the airport and turn left at the traffic lights to the "PAOK Sports Centre". The arena lies 300m off the junction, on a small hill. Access by bus: use any of #2, #3 (from the railway station) or #8 (from the intercity buses terminal). Get off at "Loumidi" stop (~30min ride).
Built in: 2000
Home of: PAOK B.C. (A1 Division)
More data:
This is a medium-sized arena, with a seating arrangement perfect for watching basketball, unlike vast venues such as OAKA or SEF.

It has hosted major events, including the 2000 Greek Basketball Cup Final-Four, the 2000 Basketball Euroleague Final-Four and the 2005 Volleyball Champions League Final-Four.
Great controversy has surrounded the ownership of the arena. We only mention some facts below: (a) The land on which it was built was partly donated by individuals affiliated to PAOK, (b) The arena's construction was funded entirely by the Greek State, (c) After it was completed, it was given out to PAOK as an asset, (d) To this day, most of the arena's operating expenses are paid by the State.
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