Xanthi Arena
"Philippos Amiridis"
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Capacity: 3,957
Location: The arena is located in Xanthi, in the region of Thrace, 230 km east of Thessaloniki. You may get there by train. Xanthi does not have an airport, but it is served by the international airport of the nearby city of Kavala (45 km away). The arena itself is located in the south part of Xanthi, only 150m away of the railway station.
Built in: 2000
Home of: Xanthi B.C. (2 Division)
More data: The arena is named after Philippos Amiridis. He was a popular mayor of Xanthi, who died in 1999, just after being voted by 72.3 per cent of his citizens to serve a third cosecutive term in the City Hall. The arena was inaugurated a few months after his death, in early 2000.

Xanthi Arena cost about € 6 million. It has hosted games of the Greek National Team both in basketball and volleyball. The 2001 Greek Volleyball Cup Final-four also took place there.
The arena is owned by the Municipality of Xanthi.
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The main entrance of Xanthi Arena - Click to enlarge!
The interior of Xanthi Arena - Click to enlarge!
The interior of Xanthi Arena - Click to enlarge!
Xanthi Arena from the north - Click to enlarge!