Volos Stadium
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Capacity: 9,000 (seated)
The stadium is located in the city of Volos, an important port of central Greece, 320 km north of Athens. Volos has an airport, but it is used only by charter flights. You may, however, get there by train. The stadium itself is located in the east part of the city. Drive along central Iasonos St, towards Agria. At the point where you exit Volos, there is a "T" junction with traffic lights. On the right, the road continues to Agria, by the sea. You will have to turn left and you will reach the stadium after 500m. Alternatively, you may use bus #3 to get there from the centre of Volos.
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Built in: 1968 (Latest redevelopment in 2005)
Record attendance: 17,200 (Olympiacos CFP vs Aris FC - championship playoff on 25/5/1980)
Home of: Olympiakos Volos FC (Football League)
More data: Volos Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium holds an important place in the history of Greek football. You may see two photographs from the 1970s (before the partial extention of its stands) and the 1990s. Volos Stadium has been used several times in the past as a venue for play-off matches (championship, relegation etc). The most important of these took place on 29/6/82 between Olympiacos CFP and Panathinaikos FC. The "Reds" won by 2-1 and became Greek Champions of that year.
Volos Stadium was as one of the Olympic Training Venues for the football tournament of the 2004 Olympic Games. For this reason it had to be upgraded. Works started in 2003 and had a total cost of € 350,000. They involved the stadium's pitch and areas below its stands. Further works took place in 2005, following an initiative of the stadium's main tenants, Olympiakos Volou FC. The stadium is now an all-seater, something that reduced its capacity by about 2,000. The club also aims to construct a roof over the west part of the stands.
The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Volos.
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