Veria Stadium
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Capacity: 5,900 (seated)
The stadium is located in Veria, 72 km west of Thessaloniki and 516 km north of Athens. Veria does not have an airport, but it is served by that of Thessaloniki. You may also get there by train. The stadium is situated in the north part of the city. If you arrive to Veria by car from motorway A2 (also called Egnatia Odos), follow the east peripheral road to "Naousa" and "Edesssa" not turning left towards "Veria" or "Centre". Go on until you reach a T junction, next to a small river. There you will see signs to "Naousa" and "Edessa" pointing right and "Centre" to the left. Turn left and you will reach the stadium after 100m.
Stadium fact sheet
Built in: 1925 (Latest redevelopment in 2007)
Record attendance: 10,304 (Veria FC vs Panathinaikos FC - in 1971)
Home of: Veria FC (Superleague)
More data: Veria Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium was first used as a sports venue in the 1920s, on a site that was once occupied by the old ottoman cemetery of the city.
The stadium today has a main west and a smaller east stand, while the south curve was rebuilt in 2007, adding about 1,000 seats to the overall capacity (prior to that, the stand had a rather irregular shape). The north curve, which used to be a standing terrace, has a few rows of seats and is usually allocated to away fans.

Veria Municipal Stadium has undergone some upgrading in recent years (roof over the west stand, electronic scoreboard at the south curve, plastic seats on all stands, floodlights, etc). However, the fact remains that it has started to show its age.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Veria.
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The main west stand - Click to enlarge!
The stadium seen from the north curve - Click to enlarge!
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