Trikala Stadium
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Capacity: 15,000 (seated)
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The stadium is located in the city of Trikala, in central Greece. Trikala does not have an airport, but you may get there by train. Thessaloniki is 230 km away, while a drive from Athens will take about 4 hours (340 km). The stadium itself is located at the east edge of Trikala. It is pretty easy to find, as you will see a sign to "Stadio" pointing left, just as you drive into the city. The stadium is only 250m away from there.
Built in: 1950
Record attendance: 18,231 (Trikala FC vs Panathinaikos FC - in 1972)
Home of: Trikala FC (C Division)
More data: Trikala Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium has a horseshoe-like shape, with no stand behind the west goal. It has a main south stand, which is covered by a roof. The stadium is not in a very good condition, even though it was somewhat upgraded in 2003, as in that year it hosted the Tsiklitria international athletics Grand Prix. Trikala Stadium is worth a visit, if only as an excuse to make an excursion to the magnificent Meteora rocks and their monasteries that are just a few km north of the city.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Trikala.
The second photograph on this page comes from the website of the Municipality of Trikala
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The main stand of Trikala Stadium - Click to enlarge!
General view of Trikala Stadium
View of Trikala Stadium from the roofed stand - Click to enlarge!