Toumba Stadium
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Capacity: 28,701 (seated)
The stadium is located in Thessaloniki, 500 km north of Athens. Thessaloniki has an international airport, but you may also get there by train. The stadium itself is located in the Toumba district, an eastern quarter of Thessaloniki.

Access by car (Egnatia Street, then left into Gregoriou Lambraki Street) or by bus:
- #12 from central Mitropoleos Street, get off at "Gipedo PAOK", or
- either #14 or #37 from Egnatia Street, get off at "Agia Varvara".
Built in: 1959 (Latest redevelopment in 2004)
Record attendance: 45,252 (PAOK FC vs AEK FC - on 19/12/1976)
Home of: PAOK FC (Superleague)
More data: Its official name is simply "PAOK Stadium". However, everyone refers to it with the name of the district in which it is built: Toumba (it is an idiom meaning "small round hill").

Toumba has hosted a few games of the Greek National Team. It has also been the venue for 3 Greek Cup finals. The capacity of the stadium was for years over 40,000. In 1998 seats were installed on all stands, reducing it to 32,000. The introduction of security zones in 2000 further reduced capacity to 28,701. See what Toumba Stadium looked like until 2003: 1 2 3 4 5 6.
Toumba Stadium was selected as one of the training venues for the football tournament of the 2004 Olympic Games. This meant that it had to be upgraded. The relevant works commenced in 2003 and the stadium was again ready to be used in the summer of 2004, boasting a brand new look. If you want to get inside Toumba Stadium, click on the next icon ->
The most important modification was the construction of a new four-storey building behind the main west stand (Gates 1-2). This houses 15 VIP boxes and a VIP lounge, service areas for the TV and the Press, new club offices etc. A new roof was also installed over the west stand. Other works that took place included new seats, upgrading of dressing rooms, new pitch and reinforcement of the support pillars below the north curved stand (gates 4-4a).

Additional works took place in 2013, involving the upgrading of facilities for VIPs and players. However, the club have much grander plans for Toumba: the complete transformation of the stadium into a 35,000-seater arena. The estimated cost is about €40 million. The main features of initial plans that have been presented (see 1 2) include the removal of the running track and the extension of stands closer to the football pitch, the construction of a steel shell around and over all stands, the extension of the existing building along the entire length of the west stand (which will provide space for additional VIP facilities, including 15 new VIP boxes), etc.

Toumba Stadium is owned by AS PAOK amateur club.
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