Tavros Stadium
"Spyros Yalabidis"
Capacity: 4,000 (seated)
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The stadium is located in Tavros, a district 3 km south-west of the Athens city centre. Access by car is easy using Pireos St, the main road that links Athens with its port, Piraeus. After passing by the very big "Praktiker" shop and the next intersection with traffic lights, go on for another 500m. You will see the Tavros city hall on your left and after that a Shell gas station on your right. Turn right at this corner into Tavrou St, a narrow road through warehouses, which will lead you to the train rails after 500m. Cross them and you'll be outside the stadium.
You may also use bus #049 from Omonia Square in central Athens (it goes to Piraeus). Get off the bus on Pireos St (stop name: "Sfaghia") and then walk to the stadium. If you choose to use the Metro (line 1) instead, please be aware that "Tavros" station is actually nowhere near Tavros Stadium. "Kallithea" is somewhat closer, but again you will have to walk 1 km to get to the ground. In any case, have a look at the map provided for help.

Built in: 1969

Record attendance: 11,000 (Fostiras FC vs Olympiacos CFP - in 1971)

Home of: Fostiras FC (Football League)

More data: Tavros Stadium bears the name of Spyros Yalabidis, an old player of Fostiras. It has three wooden stands that were installed in 2002, substituting the older existing ones. It must be noted though that, despite its 1960s feel and layout, the ground is otherwise in a very good condition. There are facilities for the fans, a club shop, a cafeteria and a Fostiras club house on the premises. Floodlights have also been installed, although they are not depicted in photos on this page.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Tavros.
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Tavros Stadium - the east stand on the right, the west on the left and the north in the background
The west stand and the smaller north stand on the right