Rizoupoli Stadium
"Georgios Kamaras"
Capacity: 14,200 (all seated)
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The stadium is located in Rizoupoli, a district between Patissia and Nea Philadelphia in north-west Athens. Getting to Rizoupoli by car is rather difficult; you will have to find Irakliou Avenue, exiting the city centre to the north through Patission Street. You will see the stadium on your left, after passing by a cemetery.

The best way to get there is by Metro, using line 1. Rizoupoli Stadium lies right next to the tracks. The nearest station is "Perissos". From there, it's a 400m walk by the tracks. You may also use bus #A8 from Stournari Street (near the Archaelogical Museum). It stops on Irakliou Avenue, right by the stadium.
Built in: 1948 (Latest reconstruction in 2002)
Record attendance: 21,231 (Apollon FC vs PAS Giannina - in 1973)
Home of: Apollon FC (Football League)
More data: Rizoupoli Stadium was renamed to "Georgios Kamaras" in 2003, in honor of an old player of Apollon. It has a horseshoe-like shape, as there is no stand on the west side, where a small gymnasium lies. In particular, the north main stand was constructed in 1948, followed by the south stand in 1961 and finally the east stand in 1972. The condition of the stadium worsened over the years, especially during the 1990s (see photos 1 and 2).

This all changed in 2002, when Olympiacos decided to temporarily use it for both their domestic and european matches (see relevant articles 1 and 2). As a result, Rizoupoli was transformed within a couple of months and UEFA gave it the green light to host Champions League matches. Works that took place and gave the ground its current look are the following:

- Re-enforcement of the concrete pillars below the east curved stand
- Installation of 14,200 seats on all stands (see a plan of the stadium)
- Construction of a roof over the north stand (4,000 seats are covered)
- Installation of floodlights on four pillars as well as on the roof
- Installation of CCTV, new sound system, new video scoreboard
- Construction of new press booths
- Upgrading of all facilities below the stands (new press room, bars etc)
- Other works (new electronically controled entrance gates, new railings etc)
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The colour pattern of the seats might seem a bit strange, but everything has its meaning. Olympiacos wear red and white, while Apollon blue and white. So, most seats are (neutral) white, some on the main stand red for Olympiacos (who paid more than € 2 million for the renovation of the stadium) and some on the other stands blue for Apollon (they are the home club after all). Finally, it should be noted that Rizoupoli Stadium served as one of the official training venues for the football tournament of the 2004 Olympic Games.

The stadium is owned by the G.S.Apollon amateur club.
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View of Rizoupoli Stadium from the south-west
The north main stand of Rizoupoli with its new impressive roof
The south stand with the press booths on the left and the new scoreboard on the small gymnasium in the background
The east curved stand and the north stand on the left
View of the stadium from the corner of the main north stand (Gate 1A) - Click to enlarge!