Rethymno Gallos Stadium
Capacity: 1,300 (seated)
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The stadium is located in Rethymno, on the island of Crete. The city does not have airport, but it is served by those of Heraklion (80 km to the east) and Hania (60 km to the west). You may also get there by boat from Piraeus. The stadium is in fact located in Gallos, south-west of Rethymno. To get there, head west towards Hania through the old coastal National Road. About 2 km after leaving the city centre, you will come to a sign pointing left to the "National Sports Centre of Rethymno Gallos". Turn left and follow all the next signs for another 2 km of uphill road to the stadium.
Built in: 1992
Record attendance: 1,600 (EAR vs Olympiacos CFP - on 31/8/1994)
Home of: Episkopi FC (Football League)
More data: The Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium of Rethymno Gallos has one single roofed stand on its west side. It used to hold 1,600 spectators, but the installation of plastic seats on its central part reduced capacity to about 1,300. Although the stadium is extremely small, it is today in very good shape. It is now not used by EAR (the professional club no longer exists after the relegation from the 3rd Division in 1999), however Gallos Rethymno Stadium is host to the Vardinoyannia annual International Athletics Meeting.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Rethymno.
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Rethymno Gallos Stadium from the southeast
The west (single) stand of the stadium
The view of the sea from the stand is unique