Pyrgos Stadium
Capacity: 6,750 (all-seater)
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The stadium is located in the city of Pyrgos (in the Peloponnese) 300 km south-west of Athens. Pyrgos is just a few km away from ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games were born in 776 B.C. The city does not have an airport, but is easily accesible by train. However, if you drive to Pyrgos, the stadium will be the first thing you will see, as it is located next to the Patras-Pyrgos motorway. If you're going to the stadium from the city centre, follow the road to Patras and cross the rails; the stadium is only 400m away.
Built in: 1978 (Latest redevelopment in 2000)
Record attendance: 8,871 (Olympiacos CFP vs Apollon FC - in 1991)
Home of: Paniliakos FC (Football League)
More data: The floodlights and all the plastic red-white seats were installed in August 2000 (previous capacity: 8,500). Away fans are usually allocated the east curve (shown above). The stadium is right next to the Pyrgos Indoor Hall.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Pyrgos.
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Pyrgos Municipal Stadium
Pyrgos Municipal Stadium
Pyrgos Stadium with the Pyrgos Indoor Hall behind its stands