Prosfyghika Stadium
Capacity: 2,500 (seated)

The stadium is located in the city of Patras, in western Greece, 220 km from Athens. Patras has an airport, but it is only used by charter flights. The city is also an important port, with many ships daily to and from Italy. To get to the stadium, you'll have to find Gounari Street, the road leading to Kalavryta. Pass by the "Aghios Andreas" hospital and at the next traffic lights turn right. After 200m you'll have to turn right again, into Doryleou Street. After another 200m you will be outside the stadium.

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Built in: 1925 (Latest redevelopment in 2000)
Record attendance: 5,729 (APS Patrai vs Argonaftis FC - in 1968)
Home of: Aris Patras, Olympiakos Patras (both in the Local Amateur League)

More data: Prosfyghika Stadium takes its name from the district in which it is built. A free translation would be "Area of the Refugees". Following the Asia Minor Disaster of 1922, refugees settled in this part of Patras. Athletes of the club Apollon Smyrni (now "Izmir") founded a new club: Olympiakos Patras. They created this football ground, which was initially named after the club.

Prosfyghika would go on to become the "football heart" of Patras for the next 50 years. In 1947 it took the form it had until 2000, with standing terraces around the pitch. It was used by almost all the clubs in the city, namely Olympiakos Patras, Thyella, Patraikos, Apollon Patras and Aris Patras. These were all disbanded by the military junta (1967-1974) to create a more "right-wing" club, APS Patrai, which also played in Prosfyghika.

The ground nearly became a housing estate in 1984, but it was bought and "rescued" by the Greek State. It was clear, however, that Prosfyghika was a relic of the past and could not serve its purpose any more. It took some more years, but in 1998 it was decided that the stadium would be reformed. Works were completed in 2000 and essentially created a new football ground. They included a new pitch, lighting on four pillars, two light metal stands with
plastic seats that run along the length of the pitch, service areas, offices etc.

The ground was then mainly used by 2nd Division Patraikos FC. However, following the club's merger with Panahaiki FC in 2004, Prosfyghika slowly fell into disrepair. It is now in a derelict state and local clubs can no longer use it.

The stadium is owned by the Patras Association of Football Clubs.

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Panoramic view of Prosfyghika Stadium
The main southern stand of the stadium
Prosfyghika Stadium from the east