Peristeri Indoor Hall
NEW hall for the 2004 Olympics
This new indoor hall will be the venue for boxing during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
It has a capacity of 8,400.
After the 2004 Olympic Games, the new Peristeri Indoor Hall will form part of a multi-sports complex. The additional north-west part of the hall's stands will be removed, thus reducing capacity to 2,305. This will leave space for the development of the following: one football stadium, two 5-a-side football grounds, one open-air basketball court, two tennis courts and one volleyball court.

All the above is obvious if you have a look at the two following models by clicking on the relevant links: the first shows the area as it will be during the Olympics, while the second depicts the multi-sports complex that will be developed after 2004.
Please note that most of the photographs on this page (except for the first and last) may be viewed in full size, if they are selected. For example, you can click on the icon on the right and you will be able to see the ground plan of the indoor hall, as it will be in August 2004 (the additional stands can be clearly seen on the west and north of the permanent structure).
The new Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall was the last venue to be finalised, as this didn't happen until the summer of 2002. It was then that the planned new arena "moved" from the Faliron coastal zone to the city of Peristeri, a western district of Athens. The site of the new hall is just off the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway. Officials have claimed that access to it by public transport will be easy, as it will be served by the Athens Metro. This can only be considered a bad joke, as the new Aghios Antonios station of line 2 is about 2 kilometres away!

The budgeted cost of the whole multi-sports complex was € 14,671,801. Works for its construction commenced in early 2003 by J&P-AVAX S.A. and were completed in May 2004. The indoor hall was inaugurated on 26 May during the Athens International Boxing Tournament. All internal photos of the hall that are featured above were shot on that date.
The stand of the future football stadium has also been constructed west of the indoor hall. It has a capacity of about 3,000. During the 2004 Olympics, both its indoor spaces and most of the future football ground will be used for other purposes (press centre, warm-up area etc).
Many thanks to architect Mr Nikos Deligiannis of J&P-AVAX for his valuable assistance.
The first aerial photograph on this page comes from the Athens 2004 official website.
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Aerial photo of the Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall (May 2004)     ATHENS 2004/K.VERGAS
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The stand of the new football ground next to the indoor hall (May 2004)