Niki Volos Stadium
Capacity: 4,500
The stadium is located in the city of Volos, an important port of central Greece, 320 km from Athens and 250 km from Thessaloniki. Volos has an airport, but it is used only by charter flights. You may, however, get there by train. The stadium itself is located in the north part of the city, in the Municipality of Nea Ionia. Finding it is not very difficult. Just as you enter Volos from the motorway, you must turn left at the first set of traffic lights, where you'll see the relevant signs to "Nea Ionia". 500m after that you will cross the rail tracks and after another kilometre you will be right outside the stadium.
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Built in: 1924
Record attendance: 6,000 (Niki Volos FC vs Olympiakos Volos FC - in 1983)
Home of: The stadium is not currently used by any professional football club
More data: The stadium of Niki Volos (meaning Victory of Volos) is virtually synonymous with this club, established in the 1920s by poor refugees of the Asia Minor disaster. The ground is "squeezed" between the street and the neighbouring houses and its stands have a really strange layout - especially the south one. The stadium took its present shape in 1970. 

Niki Volos Stadium was one of the official Olympic training venues for the 2004 Games. An upgrading of its facilities took place, the most important work being the reconstruction of the south stand. Niki temporarily left this ground right after the Olympic Games and moved to the new Panthessalian Stadium (Olympic football venue), located less than 2 km north of their old home.

The stadium is owned by the amateur G.S. Niki Volos club.
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View of Niki Volos Stadium from the north
The main west stand is on the left and the north one on the right
The north stand
The south stand, planned to be demolished