Maroussi Indoor Hall
Capacity: 1,350
Location: The hall is located in Maroussi, a suburb 9 km north of the Athens city centre. It lies only 500m away from the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA).

Access by car is via Kifissias Avenue: Coming from Athens, pass over the Olympic Stadium junction and then turn left at the next junction you'll find. After only 50m you'll come to a small square, where you must take the first exit on the right; go on for 200m to reach the hall.

If you want to get there by bus: use express line X14 from Syntagma Square to the Olympic Sports Complex. The final stop is just off the small square mentioned above.
Built in: 1997
Home of: Maroussi B.C. (A1 Division)
More data: Maroussi Indoor Hall is a relatively new one, having been inaugurated in the year that Maroussi B.C. were promoted to the A1 Division.

Up until then, they played their home games in the old "Spyros Louis Indoor Hall", which lies opposite the Maroussi metro station, about 3 km to the north of their current home.
Although the hall is very small, sold-outs are rare (only when the home club plays against Olympiakos, Panathinaikos or AEK). However, the club consider expanding it. The plan is to expand the two small stands along the court by constructing two extentions on each side of the building. This will almost double the capacity of the arena.
The indoor hall is owned by the Municipality of Maroussi.
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Maroussi Indoor Hall
Internal view of Maroussi Indoor Hall
The main entrance of the arena
Maroussi Indoor Hall