Litohoro Stadium
"Pyrros Dimas"
Capacity: 1,000 (seated)
Location: The stadium is in Litohoro (also spelled Litochoro), a small town on the foothills of Mount Olympus (90 km south of Thessaloniki, 430 km north of Athens). Coming from Motorway A1, you will be entering the town with a big park on your right. Keep going until you reach the police station, where you will have to turn right. Turn left after the Enipeas river bridge, following signs to "Olympus" (not straight ahead to "Dion") and you will be outside the stadium after 300m.
Built in: 1982
Record attendance: 1,000 (Poseidon Neon Poron FC v AE Larissa - on 5/1/03)
Home of: Apollon Litohoro (Local Amateur League)
More data: The stadium bears the name of Pyrros Dimas, the three times Olympic gold-medallist in weightlifting. The first time this stadium hosted a match of a professional division was in 2002. This happened as newly promoted Poseidon Neon Poron FC were not allowed to use their own nearby gound.

Litohoro Stadium is not, however, in a much better condition. It is extremely small, having just a single stand. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting, if only for its amazing location. Although the photos here show some of it, one really has to be there to feel what is like standing in the shadow of legendary Mt Olympus.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Litohoro.
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