Lamia Indoor Hall Halkiopoulio
Capacity: 2,600
Location: This ind´or hall is located in the city of Lamia, in central Greece, 210 km north of Athens and 300 km south of Thessaloniki. You may use the train to get there. "Halkiopoulio" itself is located at the southeastern part of the city and access to it is fairly easy. If you drive to the city using Motorway 1, exit it at the Lamia intersection and after a few hundred metres turn left towards the "Lamia centre". You will find yourself on Gennimata Street.
On the left of this road you'll see a fighter aircraft on a pillar. As soon as you pass by it, turn left and you will see "Halkiopoulio" in front of you. If you arrive in Lamia by train or intercity KTEL bus, use local bus D from the city centre to Anthili and get off at the stop named "Ekthesi" (ask the driver).
Built in: 1995
Home of: Ionikos Lamia B.C. (┴2 Division)
More data: The official name of the Lamia Indoor Hall is "Halkiopoulio", in honor of the man (Miltiadis Halkiopoulos) who donated the land on which it now stands. It is part of the Lamia Sports Centre, which also includes important tennis facilities (both indoor and outdoor); a football field; and open-air basketball courts. The indoor hall has two stands, east and west, the latter being somewhat smaller than the former.

"Halkiopoulio" Indoor Hall of Lamia has been the venue for the following major events: Greek Basketball Cup Final-four in 1995 and 2004, Junior's World Basketball Championship in 1995 (group stage), Greek Volleyball Cup Final-four in 1997.

"Halkiopoulio" Indoor Hall is owned by the Municipality of Lamia.
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The larger east stand of "Halkiopoulio"
Aerial photo of "Halkiopoulio" - access through the road on the above right
External view of the "Halkiopoulio" Indoor Hall of Lamia
The west stand on the left and the east stand on the right
"Halkiopoulio" as seen from the east