Lamia Stadium
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Capacity: 5,500 (seated)
The stadium is located in Lamia, a city in central Greece, 210 km north of Athens. You may also get there by train. The stadium itself is in the north part of the city, located right next to the hospital of Lamia. To get there by car from motorway A1, just follow the signs to the city centre and then those pointing to the Hospital ("Nosokomeio" in Greek). These roadsigns are all around the city. You will get to the hospital and the stadium about 1 km after leaving the central square of Lamia, heading north.
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Built in: 1952
Record attendance: 11,502 (Lamia FC vs AO Trikala - on 31/3/1968)
Home of: Lamia FC (Football League)
More data: The stadium is part of the Lamia Municipal Sports Centre ("Dimotiko Athlitiko Kentro" or "DAK" Lamia in Greek). Its stands have a horseshoe-like shape, as there is no stand on the south-west side, where the stadium's main entrance lies. Please note that plastic seats were installed on all stands in 2008 (not depicted in photos of this page).

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Lamia.
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Lamia Municipal Stadium from the south - Click to enlarge!
Lamia Municipal Stadium - Click to enlarge!