Kozani Stadium
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Capacity: 4,000 (seated)
The stadium is located in Kozani, a city in the region of Macedonia, 490 km north of Athens and 115 km west of Thessaloniki. Kozani has an airport, but you may also get there by train. The stadium itself is located in the southwest part of the city, on the road that leads to Lefkopigi, Aeani and Siatista. You may get to the stadium quite easily by foot. It is not more than a 15 minute walk either from the Kozani central square or the railway station.
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Built in:1955 (Latest redevelopment in 1986)
Record attendance: 6,960 (Kozani FC vs Eordaikos FC - in 1983)
Home of: Kozani FC (C Division)
More data: The Kozani Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium is part of the city's sports centre, along with Kozani Indoor Hall and the swimming hall that are located next to it. The facilities of the stadium are very poor. It has one single stand on the west side, the central part of which is covered by 1,000 seats. A roof over this central part of the stand was constructed in late 2004.
Despite all the above (to which we should add that floodlights have also been installed), Kozani Stadium does not manage to break away from the rule of the "typical" Greek lower division stadium. Although it is not in a semi-deserted state, as some other stadia of its kind are, one cannot seriously suggest that Kozani Stadium is a positive factor to the efforts of the local club to attract new fans.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Kozani.
All photographs featured on this page come from the official website of Kozani FC. Many thanks to its webmaster, Costas Tsioras, for his valuable help in creating this presentation.
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Kozani Stadium    www.kozanifc.gr   -   Click to enlarge!
Kozani Stadium from the north     www.kozanifc.gr  -  Click to enlarge!
The west stand with the indoor hall behind it    www.kozanifc.gr  -  Click to enlarge!
The new roof of the west stand     www.kozanifc.gr  -  Click to enlarge!
Kozani Stadium    www.kozanifc.gr  -  Click to enlarge!