Korydallos Indoor Hall
Capacity: 2,387
Location: The indoor hall is located in Korydallos, a western district of Athens. To get there by car, you will have to find Petrou Ralli Avenue, which starts off central Pireos Street, and leads west. After crossing the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway, it goes on for another 500m and then splits into two avenues: Petrou Ralli (left) heads south-west, while Lambraki Avenue (right) leads west, towards Korydallos and Nikea. You must choose Lambraki and go on for 2 km, to the traffic lights with Solomou Street. Turn right and after 150m you will see the indoor hall, directly opposite the main entrance of the Korydallos Prison.
Map of the surrounding area
You may also use a bus. From Athens use #A17 from Zinonos St (near Omonia Square) or #C18 from Menandrou St (also near Omonia). From Piraeus, which is much closer, use #810. Get off at the stop named "Fylakes Korydallou" (which means "Korydallos Prison") on Lambraki St and walk to the indoor hall.
Built in: 1994
Home of: The hall is not home to any professional basketball club
More data: This hall was the home of Olympiakos B.C. from 2002 to 2004, as the Peace & Friendship Stadium was being upgraded for the Olympics. Because of its use by the "Reds" for two seasons, the hall was extensively renovated in the summer of 2002. There is a big stand on the side of the court and two much smaller ones behind each basket. The main characteristic of Korydallos Indoor Hall is its location! It sits right between the main maximum security prison of Greece and a smaller prison compound for female convicts. As a matter of fact, the hall is only metres away from the cells where the recently captured members of the notorious "17 November" terror group are being held!
Korydallos Indoor Hall is owned by the General Secretariat of Sports.
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Korydallos Indoor Hall from the top of the main stand
External view of the Korydallos Indoor Hall
The arena interior
The main west stand of the Korydallos Indoor Hall