Komotini Stadium
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Capacity: 5,601 (seated)
The stadium is located in Komotini. This city is in the region of Thrace, 276 km east of Thessaloniki (about 800 km north of Athens). Komotini is served by the nearby Alexandroupolis airport. You may also get there by train. If you want to drive to the stadium coming from motorway A2 (which is also called Egnatia Odos), exit at "Komotini - West", heading north towards the city. About 4.5 km later, having passed under the railway lines and having entered Komotini, you will come to a set of traffic lights. Turn right into Panagi Tsaldari Street and you will be outside the stadium after another 300m.
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Built in: 1922 (Latest redevelopment in 2009)
Record attendance: 5,355 (Panthrakikos FC vs Panathinaikos FC - on 13/9/2009)
Home of: Panthrakikos FC (Superleague)
More data: Komotini Municipal Stadium had, for many years, only two stands: the main north one (built in the 1950s) and the smaller south one (constructed in the 1970s). The following works have taken place in the stadium since 2005:
- In 2005, the north stand was covered by a roof, while plastic seats were also installed.
- In 2006, the locker rooms and all Press facilities were totally refurbished.
- In 2008, a new west stand was constructed and also floodlights were installed.
- In 2009, a new east stand was built, the pitch was replaced, new Press booths were installed on the south stand, while VIP suites were constructed over the main north stand.

Further plans have been discussed for Komotini Stadium, mainly involving the complete reconstruction of the ground's south side. In particular, these plans call for the demolition of the current south stand and the construction of a new one, which will run along the entire length of the football pitch. This is technically feasible, given the current layout of the stadium. However, funds for such a project have not been secured.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Komotini.
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Komotini Municipal Stadium - Click to enlarge!
The east (left) and south (right) stands of Komotini Stadium - Click to enlarge!
The west (left) and north (right) stands of Komotini Stadium - Click to enlarge!
The north (left) and east (right) stands of Komotini Stadium - Click to enlarge!