The new stadium of Olympiakos
(a soap opera with... many episodes)
Page under construction
This page will be an attempt to tell the.... adventures of the Olympiakos new stadium. It is a serial which has lasted many years longer than the "Bold and the Beautiful" or even the "Young and the Restless"!
From the 120,000 and 65,000 new Rendi...
to the lowered pitch of revamped Karaiskaki...
to the "space age" new stadium at Rendi...
to the upgraded Karaiskaki with the two towers!
This is a story with many intermediate stops (Olympic Stadium, Rizoupoli), a treasured and long-awaited final destination (new Karaiskaki 2004), with many talks behind closed doors, aggreements and accusations, with interventions by a military junta and by the International Olympic Committee (!), but above all: with many many PLANS & MODELS!

Stay tuned!....
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Rendi 1968
Karaiskaki 1998
Rendi 2000
Karaiskaki 2001