Messiniakos Stadium
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Capacity: 5,613 (seated)
The stadium is located in the city of Kalamata, 250 km south-west of Athens. Kalamata has an airport and you may also get there by train. The stadium itself is located in the north-east part of the city, near the castle. Follow the roadsigns to "Areopoli" to the north-east. Just as you prepare to exit Kalamata, turn left. Try looking for the pillars of the floodlights or study carefully the map to find the stadium, as it might prove to be quite a difficult task.
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Built in: 1967 (Latest redevelopment in 2000)
Record attendance: 8,323 (Kalamata FC vs Panathinaikos FC, in 1995)
Home of: Messiniakos FC (C Division)
More data: The stadium acquired its present form, with the three stands, in 1994. It ows it to the current chairman of Messinaikos FC, Stavros Papadopoulos, who then chaired the other club of the city, local rivals Kalamata FC! Papadopoulos decided to rent the stadium from Messiniakos and spent large sums of money on various works (among other things, the west stand was built at that time).

Messiniakos Stadium was further upgraded (plastic seats, floodlights etc) in the summer of 2000. However, the two clubs had many financial disputes over the use of the stadium in recent years. The result was that Kalamata FC have now moved to the Municipal Stadium.

The stadium is owned by Messiniakos GS amateur club.
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Messiniakos Stadium in Kalamata - Click to enlarge!
The north stand of Messiniakos Stadium - Click to enlarge!
The south main stand of Messiniakos Stadium - Click to enlarge!