Halkida Indoor Hall
"Tasos Kambouris"
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Capacity: 1,120
The hall is located in Halkida (also Chalkida), 70 km north of Athens. You may use the train to get there. The city straddles Evripos (also Euripus) Strait, which separates the island of Evia (also Euboea) from mainland Greece. The indoor hall is located in Kanithos, a west district of Halkida that lies on the mainland. To get there, if you are driving into the city coming from Athens, you must not cross to Evia using the new cable-stayed bridge (locally referred to as "high bridge"). Instead, you must follow signs to the old lifting bridge. Before getting there and just as you enter the city, you will see a roadsign to "Kanithos Sports Centre" pointing left. Follow it and in 500m turn left again at a similar roadsign. You reach Halkida Indoor Hall after another 500m.
Built in: 1996
Home of: Ikaros Halkida B.C. (A1 Division)
More data: The hall is named after Tasos Kambouris, a pioneer for sports in Evia. It features two similar stands along the court, while a theatre stage is located behind one of the baskets. An extra tier of seats can be installed in its place, raising the hall's capacity to about 1,600.

It has hosted matches of the Greek National Basketball Team and the 2003 All-Star Game. Also, it was the venue of the 2002 World Wrestling Championships for Women.

The hall is owned by the Municipality of Halkida.
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