Amfissa Stadium
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Capacity: 1,000 (seated)
The stadium is located in the city of Amfissa, 200 km north-west of Athens and only 20 km from the archaeological site of Delphi, a UNESCO World Herritage Site.

Once you arrive at Amfissa, you will have no problem locating the stadium. It lies at the south-east outskirts of Amfissa, on Salona Avenue, which is the main street that leads to the city centre.
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Built in: 1932 (Latest redevelopment in 1976)
Record attendance: 4,500 (Fokikos FC vs Nafpaktiakos Asteras FC - on 22/3/1992)
Home of: Fokikos FC (Football League)
More data: Amfissa Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium has a single stand that was constructed in 1962 with an initial capacity of 700. It was extended on both sides in the 1970s, increasing the stadium's seated capacity to around 3,000. Standing places were also available.

Amfissa Stadium did not feature a grass pitch until 1996. Floodlights were installed in 2004, while the stadium became an all-seater in 2009, reducing capacity to about 1,000. Finally, a roof was constructed over the central part of the stand in 2010. Future plans include the addition of a small south stand, to be allocated to away fans.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Amfissa.
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Amfissa Municipal Stadium © Nikos Avramikos - Click to enlarge!
The only stand of the stadium © Nikos Avramikos - Click to enlarge!
The stadium viewed from Amfissa medieval castle © Nikos Avramikos - Click to enlarge!