Aeghio Stadium
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Capacity: 4,500 (seated)
The stadium is located in Aeghio (alt spelling: Egio, Aigio or Aigion), a city of the Peloponnese, 40 km east of Patras and 175 km west of Athens. You may use the train to get there. The stadium itself lies in the western edge of the city. To get there, after exiting motorway 8A, you must drive through much of Aeghio (you'll be coming into the city from the southeast, aiming to get to the northwest). To avoid confusion, you may use the map provided to find your way to the stadium.
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Built in: 1951 (Latest redevelopment in 1985)
Record attendance: 14,119 (Panaeghialios FC vs Olympiacos CFP - in 1963)
Home of: Panaeghialios FC (Football League)
More data: Aeghio Municipal (formerly "National") Stadium has two stands along the sides of the pitch. The west stand has plastic seats, which were installed in 1999. It did not feature a grass pitch until 1983, while the running track was completed in 2011 (click here for an aerial view of the stadium prior to these latest works). Aeghio Stadium is worth a visit, if only for its very beautiful and scenic location.

The stadium is owned by the Municipality of Aeghio.
Many thanks to Giannis Drougoutis and Nikos Karageorgos for the photos featured on this page
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Aeghio Municipal Stadium (west stand) © G.Drougoutis - Click to enlarge!
The stadium's east stand © G.Drougoutis - Click to enlarge!
The west stand is covered with plastic seats © G.Drougoutis - Click to enlarge!